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VK Radiant

Last Updated:

August 6, 2023 at 4:56:50 PM


VK Radiant

- Removes <error> surface type in Materials in APE (now defaults to <none>).
- Adds hidden KVPs on Volume Decals in Radiant to allow for more control over Volume Decals.
- Adds vBloom, vColor and LUT drop downs to worldspawn for easier tweaking.
- Reorganizes all of the worldspawn KVPs.
- Adds Umbra KVPs to worldspawn.
- Increases various KVP limits on Lights & Reflection Probes.
- Increases flipbook rowCount and collumCount limits from 10 to 64 in Emissive Scroll material types.
- Increases flipbook max time limit from 10 to 100 in Emissive Scroll material types.
- Changes default far_edge KVP on Lights from 0.75 to 0.25.
- Changes default radius KVP on Lights from 100 to 300.
- Other various tweaks and changes.

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