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Cold War Knife and Sledgehammer

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April 4, 2022 at 4:06:47 PM



Cold War Knife and Sledgehammer

ports of the Combat Knife and the Sledgehammer.
They are a one hit kill until round 15 and when pack a punched they are a one hit till round 41.

Scobula = Greyhound, MWR Shell Ejects, and IK Code
DTZxPorter = Wraith Archon , Modme, and SE Tools
ID-Daemon = Game research for Greyhound
Eric Maynard = Help with the BOCW base on Greyhound
JBird632 = Sound template and tutorials
Logical Edits = Devraw and video on how to port BOCW weapons
Harry Bo21 = Tutorials
TheSkyeLord = His amazing weapon ports helped me fix many issues i had when making the weaponfiles and sound aliases
Thomas Cat = T9 to T7 rig and help with Maya
TheBlackDeath = Additive utils on the T9 to T7 rig
DamianoTBM = Testing T9 to T7 rig
lilrobot = Inspectable weapons script
Ray1235 = CoD Maya Tools
MakeCents = C3IG
MikeyRay = Feedback on the weapons
Autodesk Maya = Importing and Exporting CoD models and anims
Audacity = Converting sound files
Blender = Editing some weapon models
Gimp = Editing some textures
Treyarch = CoD Black Ops 3/ BO3 Mod tools and CoD Black Ops Cold War
Infinity Ward = CoD Modern Warfare
Raven Software = CoD Warzone

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