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Feb 05, 2022
REUPLOAD Uploaded these the other day but decided to remove as I needed to add the spec map etc to each model. They are all added and ready to use in any map. Includes over 100 fallout 4 models, Some a from sketchfab but most are original models from the game. I'm planning on getting a lot more of these models for my future maps, once I have ported more I will update this thread. Download: Notes: The gdt is called my_custom_assets so make sure you DO NOT have one called this already, you don't want to overwrite anything. I'm not 100% sure if I can change the name of the gdt without messing it up. If you know otherwise then do as you please. Download: Short Model List: Workbenches Armour Bench Tools Benches Books Tables Equipment Power armour stations Reactors (Normal & Rusted) Rusted Stove Jangles The Moon Monkey Water Generators & Many More (See Pics Below) Credits: Me - Porting MakeCents: C3IG Bethesda: Original Assets blackninja - Ninja Ripper Rick Whitehouse - Noesis Autodesk - Maya DTZxPorter / Scobalula / Aidian Shafran / Luna Ryuko - CODTools Sketchfab - Few Models
100+ Fallout 4 Models content media


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