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Sep 04, 2021
This guide will show you how to replace (or add to) the animations for the zombies in your map (such as idle, sprinting, and traverse animations) PREREQUISITES Before starting, make sure you've imported the anims you want to use into APE. RADIANT Firstly, open up your map in Radiant and locate your AI spawner/actor. This usually looks like a headless zombie in an a-pose: Select it, bring up the entity info panel (N on keyboard), and check the name at the top. If its name is zm_factory_zombie, click "remap class" and select "zm_usermap_zombie". If you're using a custom zombie type (like Erthrock's Buried Zombies), go to APE and check which Animation State Machine and Animation Selector Table it's using; you'll need them later. AM & AST Files To replace or add new anims, you first need to make a copy of your AI's AM file. To do this, navigate to BO3Root/share/raw/animtables and locate the AM file for your AI Actor (mentioned earlier). If you're using the zm_usermap_zombie actor, you'll need the file mentioned below: zm_genesis_zombie.ai_am Select this file and copy it to MAP_FOLDER/animtables/ If the animtables folder doesn't exist, make it. If the folder already contains the file, you can skip to the next step! REPLACING ANIMS (traversals, run/walk anims, etc) To replace an AI anim, open the .AI_AM file (the version in your map folder) and locate the anim that you want to replace. After finding it, simply replace the name of the original animation with the new animation. For example: anim_zombie_run_au_v0,ai_zombie_base_run_au_v1 becomes... anim_zombie_run_au_v0,ai_zombie_run_v3 ADDING NEW ANIMS (traversals, run/walk anims, etc) Before reading this section, read the "REPLACING ANIMS (traversals, run/walk anims, etc)" to get an understanding of the AI_AM file. To add to an AI anim, open the .AI_AM file (the version in your map folder) and locate the anim alias that you wish to add additional animations to. After finding it, simply add a comma to the end of the line, followed by the name of the animation you want to add. For example: anim_zombie_run_au_v0,ai_zombie_base_run_au_v1 becomes... anim_zombie_run_au_v0,ai_zombie_base_run_au_v1,ai_zombie_run_v3 The game will then pick one of these animations at random when needed. FINISHING TOUCHES You've done most of the work, now just head over to your map's .zone file (located at MAP_FOLDER/zone_source/ and add these two lines: //Custom Zombie Anims rawfile,animtables/zm_genesis_zombie.ai_am This part tells the compiler to override the normal versions of the AI_AM file with your new custom one. TESTING At this point, everything should be working! To test it out, go to the compiler, tick your map and tick link, before clicking build. Once done, run your map and you should see your new animations pop-up in-game! POTENTIAL ISSUES
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