Setting up DEVRAW Template Map [v2]


First, download the template HERE. 1.3 GB is the size of this template. You only need to install this once.

This includes a bunch of stuff so if you don't want to overwrite your own items, just make sure to skip the pre-existing files.

However, I did include some stock files that are edited (such as the zone_source csv's). Just check them all just to be sure.

This template does the following:

v2: Pre-setup 2nd Window Barrier in Radiant

Pre-setup Buyable Debris in Radiant


Creates ZM_MAPNAME unique Alias File

Creates ZM_MAPNAME unique Ambient File

Creates ZM_MAPNAME unique LUT

Creates ZM_MAPNAME unique GDT in APE

Creates ZM_MAPNAME unique WeaponTable in your ZM_MAPNAME Folder

Creates ZM_MAPNAME unique LUA HUD in your ZM_MAPNAME Folder

Sets up LUA Perk Icons ready to be installed in your ZM_MAPNAME Folder

Sets up Loading Screen

Pre-setup Bloom in Radiant

Pre-setup Ambient Rooms in Radiant

Pre-setup Working Dog Spawners in Radiant

Pre-setup Perks in Radiant

Pre-setup Mystery Boxes in Radiant

Pre-setup Pack a Punches in Radiant

Adds in Sphynx's Custom Console Commands

Adds in Black Ops 4 Styled Max Ammo's

Adds in The Giant's Cleanup Zombie Script

Adds in HarryBo21's Perks that are WORKING

Adds in HarryBo21's Mystery Boxes that are WORKING

Adds in HarryBo21's Pack a Punches that are WORKING

Adds in MikeyRay's Customizable PhD Flopper Perk

Adds in Logical's Fighter's Fizz & I.C.U. Custom Perks

Adds in KhelMor's Vigor Rush Perk


Here is the full credit list for everyone involved:

Logical - Perks, Setting up the Template, Scripts, LUA Hud
Verk0 - Perks, Template Settings
HarryBo21 - Pack a Punches, Perks, Mystery Boxes
MikeyRay - Customizable PhD
KhelMor - Vigor Rush Perk
Sphynx - Custom Commands, Scripts
Scobalula - Ambient Rooms

Please let me know if I missed anyone...


Drag all of the Folders in the zip to your root folder. Again, I'd go through each of the files that are being overwritten, but you'd honestly be fine with my edits. I made sure not to destroy anything (on my end).


Open your mapname.gsc. Here is a list of things you can search for and change to your liking:

Comment this out if you don't want your map to have cheats (such as noclip, god mode, timescale, etc.)

SetDvar("sv_cheats", 1); 

Change this "1" to a "0" if you don't want Dog Rounds

level.dog_rounds_allowed = 1;

Change the values inside of the quotation marks if you want to change your starting pistol and last stand pistol. I've included comments for which line does what.

level.start_weapon = GetWeapon( "pistol_standard" );
level.default_laststandpistol = GetWeapon( "pistol_standard" );
level.default_solo_laststandpistol = GetWeapon("pistol_standard_upgraded" );

Change "136" to whatever value you'd like your weapon camos to be when pack a punched. List of camo numbers HERE.

level.pack_a_punch_camo_index = 136;

Change "15" to your perk limit.

level thread set_perk_limit(15);

Change "true" to "false" if you want to remove Sphynx's Custom Commands

level thread commands::init(true);

Change "start_zone" to your first zone (or leave it if it's your first zone) "SECOND_ZONE" to your second zone, and "SCRIPT_FLAG" to what you set your script_flag KVP on your debris/door trigger.

zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone("start_zone", "SECOND_ZONE", "SCRIPT_FLAG");

Change "30" on BOTH of these to your liking. There's some math involved here and some comments to explain what's happening.

zombie_utility::set_zombie_var( "zombie_move_speed_multiplier", 30, false );
zombie_utility::set_zombie_var( "zombie_move_speed_multiplier_easy", 30, false );


Open up hud_zm_mapname in "usermaps\zm_mapname\ui\uieditor\menus\hud" and go to Line 76.

You may comment out this line with a "--" to remove the DEVTEXT



Open up ZMPerksContainerFactory in "usermaps\zm_mapname\ui\rewrite\ui\uieditor\widgets\hud\zm_perks"

Here you can set up your perk icons just by adding the image you pre-setup in APE. If you don't have these icons set up, get the LUA Perk Icons HERE.


Open APE and search for "black" - it is an image. Not "$black", just "black".

Change this image to your loadingimage which is found in "usermaps\zm_mapname\zone"


Open up your zm_mapname ambient file in "share\raw\sound\ambients"

Here is your ambient file. You can create Ambient Rooms in here which are then added in Radiant.

So, in Radiant, find the large, sound TRIGGER_MULTIPLE. The only KVP's you need to edit is the priority number and the ambient room name itself. Higher the priority number means that sound will be played, so you can have multiple of these ambient rooms overlapping. Change DEFAULT to the name of your ambient room which you set up in the ambient file.

Learn how to set up ambient rooms HERE.


Open up your alias file in "share\raw\sound\aliases"

Here is your alias file. You can create aliases and sounds in this file.

Learn how to set up aliases HERE.


In Radiant with nothing selected and not inside of any prefabs in your, open the ENTITY_INFO window which will be WORLDSPAWN, and you can change the vbloom here.

I like mp_apartments, but you can find more in "share\raw\grades"


In Radiant with nothing selected and not inside of any prefabs in your, open the ENTITY_INFO window which will be WORLDSPAWN, and you can change the LUTMaterial here.

In APE, if you search your zm_mapname in the GDT filter, you'll find your own GDT with a premade LUT in here. It's the default LUT. Edit it to your liking and then change the LUTMaterial in Radiant.


Open up your zm_levelcommon_weapons in "usermaps\zm_mapname\gamedata\weapons\zm"

Here is your Weapon Table that allows weapons to be added/removed from the Mystery Box.


In Radiant, you can find Mystery Box Prefabs in "zm/harrybo21_prefabs/mysterybox"

You can mix and match any of the given prefabs, but take note in the numbers. Start with 0, and go up from there. Can't have any prefabs with the same number or you'll get errors.


In Radiant, you can find Pack a Punch Prefabs in "zm/harrybo21_prefabs/pack_a_punch"

You can place any of these in your map.


In Radiant, you can find all of the Perk Prefabs in these locations:

Logical's Perks "logical/perks"

Harry's Perks "zm/harrybo21_prefabs/perks"

MikeyRay's Perk "_mikeyray/perks/phd_flopper"

KhelMor's Perk "zm/km"


Now once installed, you can make a new map and just change the template to DEVRAW Template and you're good to go!

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