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Power On Cue Sound

This guide will show you how to have a sound play for all players when the Power turns on.



Open your mapname.gsc located in "Call of Duty Black Ops III\usermaps\zm_mapname\scripts\zm" and find the following line:

#using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;

Paste in the following underneath that (any define should be underneath all of your usings for organization's sake):

#define POWER_CUE_SOUND ""

Next, find the following line within your function main() :


Paste in the following underneath that, still within function main() :

level thread power_sound();

At the bottom of your mapname.gsc, paste in the following:

function power_sound()
    level waittill("power_on");
    foreach(player in GetPlayers())
        player PlayLocalSound( POWER_CUE_SOUND );



Go back to the define we pasted in before:

#define POWER_CUE_SOUND ""

Within these quotation marks you may add your own sounds that are setup properly within an alias. If you don't know how to do that, follow the guide HERE.

For an example of a properly setup "Power Cue Sound", here is mine:


Using the provided example, our define should now look like this:

#define POWER_CUE_SOUND "power_cue_sound"

That's it! Make sure to Link your map!


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