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Giant Styled Random Perk Locations



Tutorial by Madgaz, all credits goes to him.

Giant Styled means that at the beginning of the game, all perk locations are randomized and do not get affected by any other action. If you want Shi No Numa Styled Random Perk Locations, click HERE.



Open the ENTITY_BROWSER and place a SCRIPT_STRUCT in your map. This struct is going to be the NEW location for your perks.

The origin of this struct is going to be the exact position of the new perk, so place it halfway into the floor, and the GREEN Y AXIS ARROW is the backside of the machine.

We are now giving this struct a new KVP:

targetname - perk_random_machine_location

OPTIONAL - If you want to visualize the perk location, add this KVP, but remember to remove it when done placing your struct:

model - p7_zm_vending_sleight

Next, go over to your Perk Machine Prefab and add this new KVP:

script_notify - random_perk_machine



Open your mapname.gsc and find the following line:


Anywhere above that line but still within function main(), insert the following line:

level.randomize_perk_machine_location = true;

That's it!


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