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Avoiding Power Lag



Using these in your maps will avoid the lag players experience for a few seconds after turning on the power. The lag is caused because the game is trying to load in all of the hintstrings from all mystery boxes, all perks and the pack a punch.

This was found by HitmanVere, all credit goes to him.



Open your mapname.gsc and find the following line:

#using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;

Paste the following underneath all of your usings:

#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_ADDITIONALPRIMARYWEAPON", "4000" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_DEADSHOT", "1500" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_DOUBLETAP", "2000" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_FASTRELOAD", "3000" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_JUGGERNAUT", "2500" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_CHUGABUD", "2500" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_DIVETONUKE", "2500" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_MARATHON", "2000" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_QUICKREVIVE", "1500" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_QUICKREVIVE", "500" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_PACKAPUNCH", "5000" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_PACKAPUNCH", "1000" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_PACKAPUNCH_AAT", "2500" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_PACKAPUNCH_AAT", "500" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_RANDOM_WEAPON_COST", "950" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_RANDOM_WEAPON_COST", "10" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_TOMBSTONE", "2000" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_VULTURE", "3000" );
#precache( "triggerstring", "ZOMBIE_PERK_WIDOWSWINE", "4000" );

If you have other perks in your map other than these listed here, just add them in yourself as it is very simple. You can use this as a template:

#precache( "triggerstring", "PERK_NAME", "PERK_COST" );

That's it!

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